Will HECZ Invest? || CDL Rostermania News & Rumors | CoD: Modern Warfare Franchise League

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Is Houston the Next CoD Franchise? http://tnl.media/esportsnews/2019/8/13/is-houston-the-next-call-of-duty-franchise

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With details about franchising spots expected imminently, will HECZ pull the trigger and invest in a team outside of the “Los Angeles OpTic”, owned by Immortals. One article attempts to draw a connection to a potential Houston investment, but it seems to be based mostly on assumptions. Leave all your thoughts below as always. Thanks for watching.

CoD Champs Results & Schedule: https://cod-esports.gamepedia.com/Call_of_Duty_World_League_Championship_2019

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Teams Sticking:
100 Thieves | Kenny / Octane / SlasheR / Enable / Priestahh
OpTic Gaming | Scump / Karma / Crimsix / Dashy / TJHaLy
Gen.G | Nagafen / MajorManiak / Havok / Maux / Envoy
eUnited | Simp / aBeZy / Clayster / Arcitys / Prestinni
FaZe Clan | Zer0 / Skrapz / ZooMaa / Asim / Cellium

Confirmed Teams:
Splyce | Huke / Temp / Loony / Aqua / Jurd
EnVy | Gunless / Silly / Aches / Assault / Decemate
Rec | Wuskin / Zed / Dylan / Alexx / Denz
LG | Slacked / John / FormaL / Brack / Skyz
E6 | Mayhem / General / Kismet / Godrx / Breszy
Heretics | Lucky / Jurnii / Methodz / Metallz / Wartex
Units | Joee / Rated / Nolson / Weeman / Cammy
UYU | Methodz / Blazt / Classic / Phantomz / Saints
Midnight | Llama / Parasite / Frosty / Royalty / Zaptius
Evil Geniuses | Xotic / Attach / Apathy / JKap / Accuracy
Elevate | Profeezy / Wailers / Mruiz / Lacefield / Believe

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