The Lethal Weapons – (1987 – 1998 Film Franchise Review)

Lethal Weapon was once one of the most enduring action franchises in the world, but how does the series hold up today? Is it simply a case of diminishing returns, or is the whole film series from 1987 – 1998 worth watching? Let’s find out. Also, sorry for the audio quality at times, my microphone seems to have a bit of an issue! Will be replacing for the next video.


I am a full time video editor who has worked in the past as a director and editor on a number of small films, and have experience on films of all sizes. Over the years I have been lucky to meet and spend time with industry veterans and up-and-comers alike, and have learnt a lot about action filmmaking. Here you can learn with me more about action cinema.



Simple Explanation of VoIP

a basic, simple explanation of VoIP for a non-technical person. Voice Over IP is rapidly changing the landscape of voice telecommunications. The driving factor is how cheap it is relative to traditional phone services. Roughly half the cost or less! Plus, VoIP is so much more powerful and agile than traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone…

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#Madras #Masala Franchise Formats #SouthIndian #FoodMenu

Dine Fresh is a Restaurant Consultancy Setting up a new Best Top Business Consulting Services Firms Management Consultant Restaurant Companies CafĂ© Bistro Dark kitchen Bakery Setup Softy Hard Icecream Parlours Recreate and Rebrand existed Restaurants Food Court Units Restaurant in Mall Concepts Design & developments Logo Branding Digital marketing Human Resource TrainingChallenge your Restaurant with…

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