Premium Bouquet franchise – Opportunity to Become Franchise – 3 in 1


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Bouquet Franchise – It’s a Platform to choose right franchise business, extending tech enabled business model with multiple brands with multi revenue business model with Optimum utilisation of available resources , Focused on companies offering sustainable business model with ideology of scalability with Automate systems in business process , It will serve as an ideal forum to Network & learn with top brands, key govt. functionaries & industry experts.
The mission of Sigma Franchise Summit offering Bouquet franchise is to ” Start & Run Your Business Profitably & Sustainably”
We are pleased to offer our services for increasing your distribution channel though our well established network of Bouquet franchise concept. Under the banner of Sigma Summit, which is India’s leading fully Integrated franchise advisory & partner development group with decades of vast experience in franchising, licensing, deal structuring, market entry & business growth & execution services.

USP ( Unique Selling Proposition ) Best Fits for New Business / Entrepreneur / Start-Up
# Strategic Fit # Operational Fit # Financial Fit # Marketing Fit
Upto 200 % ROI – Bouquet Franchise
# 3M Business Model # Multiple Growth driver # Multiple Products #

Multiple Cross Selling Opportunity# Multiple Revenue Stream # Economy of scale ,Low Cost of Acquisition of customer # 365 days working No season based drop in sales # Optimum use of Resources# Networking Opportunity # Tech-enabled & automation #support without Geographical restriction

Key Highlights Feature Services – Sigma Summit:
• Social media, short videos, animations, and so many types of media
• Full integrated franchise advisory group with an evolving global network of fast growing franchise led economies
• Best-in-class network of more than 100+ franchise advisors in India with an evolving Global network of business / franchise advisors
• Multiple growth drivers in place
• Stable, recurring fee-based revenue model with strong margins and cash flow
• Asset-light franchise business
• Committed & experienced leadership team Company Specific webinars Presence as panel-list in our webinars & stalls presence in
• Qualified Data & Connectivity to over 1 Million business Entrepreneur
• Presence Online & Offline Placement of your Brand under Unique Business Model
• Bouquet Franchise
• Brand awareness Program – Campaign Promoter & Director Self Promotion on Different Platform
• Listing as best Service or Manufacturer in Top sigma industries
• List Mass Emails & Mass SMS marketing

Benefits to Franchise

• Multiple brands , Multiple Revenue model ,Multiple Company Products (3M’s Model)
• Opportunity to cross sell to same client-base,
• Self Sustainable Income as business is diversified with economy of scale.
• Low risk & high Expected revenue , 365 days working No season based impact in sale
• Franchise Can Operate Seasonal Businesses Without Seeing Seasonal Drops in Revenue
• Franchise Can Use Your Existing Knowledge to Grow Faster
• Franchise Can Co-Promote
• Optimum use of Resources ,Networking Opportunity , Digitalization & automation support without Geographical restriction
• Stable, recurring fee-based revenue model with strong margins and cash flow
• Asset-light franchise business.



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