Pax8 Demo and Product Tour | MSP Cloud Services Marketplace

Pax8 is a portal that allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and xSPs to self-serve and bill, manage and analyse their business ecosystem.

The Pax8 team of wingmen offers bespoke support and enablement for MSPs. It’s all designed to help MSPs sell better and deliver better service!

In this video, Richard Tubb speaks to Phylip Morgan, Chief Channel Officer, and Tom Welton, Partner Solutions Engineer, at Pax8.

Richard gets a tour of the Pax8 platform and learns more about the benefits for MSPs.

Tom explains how to customise the Pax8 dashboard, how Pax8 integrates with a range of RMM and PSA tools and the different views that are available to different departments in an organisation.

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0:00 Introduction to guests Phylip Morgan and Thomas Welton
1:45 Why Pax8 is awesome for xSP’s
3:00 Phylip discusses the relationship between MSP’s and Pax8
4:44 How the Pax8 portal can be customised for every member of an MSP business
7:06 How the Pax8 dashboard been designed for MSPs
9:02 What will the homepage of the Pax8 portal look like for MSPs?
10:08 How to use widgets on the Pax8 dashboard
11:35 How Pax8 makes every metric available to MSP’s
15:00 How the Pax8 dashboard uses tools and business automation
19:42 Does the Pax8 portal offer a 2 way sync or 1 way sync?
20:44 What are the services offered to MSP’s on the Pax8 platform
23:45 How can MSPs provision a service in the Pax8 portal?
33:24 How does Proration work for billing in the Pax8 portal?
36:25 What is the granularity of security in the Pax8 portal?
41:39 How Pax8 lowers the cost of support, increases revenue and puts new services in front of MSPs clients
43:30 What are the new features in the Pax8 portal?
52:54 What are some interesting features in the Pax8 portal?
1:01:40 How Pax8 offers a wingman service to assist MSP’s
1:03:08 Why Pax8 will cut the bill for MSP’s
1:05:17 What does a typical day look like for Tom Welton of Pax8
1:08:29 How to become a Pax8 partner
1:11:21 How to contact Tom Welton of Pax8
1:14:27 What is next for Pax8 in the UK?

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