IT Services vs IT Consulting

What is the difference between IT services and IT consulting? Even in the IT industry, this is a confusing topic since people call it by different names and talk about it in different ways, but we can break it down so that everyone understands the differences.

If you are dealing with a company that offers “BASIC” services like antivirus, patching, reporting, change your passwords, and come to your office to install the software. A firm that specializes in those basic day-to-day tasks is known as IT Services. That is probably 85 percent to 90 percent of the IT companies right now, and they are good at it. On the other hand, a true IT Consulting firm can give more services than that. Of course, they can do all those things as well, but that is not their primary goal; instead, they “CONSULT” on your business and help you grow it with the use of technology. That is why Michell Consulting Group has remained the same; we are a consulting firm, not just an IT services provider. Our main goal is to figure out how we can help you grow your business and boost your company’s efficiency.

Michell Consulting Group ( is a provider of high-quality IT and ERP services, consulting, and solutions.

We would love to share our experience and teach you how your company can move forward in the digital age.

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