Global Franchise Conference 4.0 26/01/2022

The purpose of the conference is to share work experience, know the latest global franchising market news, answer realted questions and introduce you to leading companies in the industry.

If you’re interested in rapid business development with minimal costs, the decision to work on a franchise – is the right choice!

Yet the franchise business development requires a special approach and knowledge of many aspects. Which ones? You will know it from the big international franchise experts and founders.

2021 results
Franchising in 2022
Features of franchising development in America, Europe, Asia, Russia and Africa
Export via franchising
TOP niches in franchising
Successful experience and lessons learned
A good franchise main criteria
Business recovery after the coronavirus crisis

00.00 – 3.45 – Daniel Molgan. Conference host.
3.47 – 20.10 – Albert Kong. Founder/CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants.
20.16 – 30.50 – Pavel Antonov. Project Manager of IDworld.
31.19 – 36.17 – Ryan Russel. Founder and CEO of Myanmar Business Answers.
36.32 – 46.25 – Felix de Wit. The ex master franchisee of the estate agencies REMAX.
47.08 – 1.01.00 – Stanislav Nikulin. Head of the International Performance Marketing Department, Algorithmica.
1.01.03 – 1.07.55 – Vasil Gazizulin. Founder of Topfranchise.
1.07.58 – 1.13.44 – Radu Lupaș. Co-founder Salad Box.
1.13.47 – 1.19.57 – Konstantin Kudryavtsev. PhD, Partnership Manager, Libertex Group
1.21.32 1.39. 32 – Bekithemba Lloyd Nkomo. Lloyd Corporate Capital. BULAWAYO, HARARE, JOHANNESBURG, Managing Director.
1.39.35 – 1.46.33 – Orkhan Ahmadov. Founder Ormado Kaffeehaus.
1.46.36 – 1.59.34 – Muhammad Naem Younas. Managing Director at Franchising Key Pakistan.
1.59.36 – 2.03.12 – Andrii Kryvonos. CEO of Ukrainian Franchise Association.
2.03.14 – 2.09.08 – Eduard Nigovan. Director of International Department of Ukrainian Franchising Association.
2.09.09 – 2.18.16 – Martin Hancock. Managing Partner World Franchise Associates.
2.18.17 – 2.29.41 – Jigar Doriwala. CEO of Tenacious Techies.
2.29.49 – 2.46.28 – Alex Depase. Founder and CEO of Global Franchise Exchange & World Properties International Franchise. – Matus Tomasik. International Expansion Manager, La Donuteria Group.

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