Cannabis Franchise For Sale – Can You Buy A Legal Marijuana Dispensary Like A Fast Food Franchise?

Cannabis Franchise Opportunity:

Do you want to own a marijuana dispensary but aren’t sure how to get into the industry?
Franchising was created just for that reason.
To offer people who otherwise couldn’t get into an industry a winning business model and support to not only enter the industry but to dominate it much the same way you would if you bought a McDonalds franchise.

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Once In a Generation, An Opportunity Like This Might Occur. To Get Into The Post-Prohibition Movement Before There Are Any Big Name Brands (ie. Budweiser). The Starbucks Of Cannabis Cafe’s Is Starting To Materialize… Don’t You Just Want To Be Involved?
Own A Piece Of This Industry While In Super Growth Mode…

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What’s the difference between Al Capone and the CEO of Smirnoff Vodka?
Law is the difference.

How can you capitalize on the legal marijuana industry right now?

“Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind”
– Harry Anslinger (Dept. of Alcohol Prohibition)
“Satantic music is driven by marijuana”
– Harry Anslinger ( Head of the DEA),

Thank you Harry Anslinger. The president of Alcohol Prohibition and head of the DEA was quoted as saying both of those things not too long ago. Do you know how many people are in prison because of that?

This just proves that we have genuises in office that control everything that happens in society.
This is dangerous.

Marijuana has some well proven benefits including relief from long term pain but smoking marijuana can have some bad effects on your health including making breathing problems worse.

Fast forward to today, a very credible data aggregation site called has predictions and some history on the forecast on legal cannabis spending worldwide.

As you can see in 2016 when this first started, it was a $14.3 billion dollar industry. By 2024 it will be a $63 billion dollar industry.

My family business comes from the franchising industry where we grew 81 franchises across the country. So how do you do that with the marijuana industry?

How can you capitalize on the legal marijuana industry right now? Franchise.

This is the first legitimate cannabis franchise that I have seen:

This company isn’t just messing around. They’re a six times cannabis cup winner and the growers of legal marijuana in Colorado. They are going public on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

This is like getting into the alcohol business when there is no real players in it yet and there’s not Smirnoff and there’s no Budweiser and there’s no Coors. None of that is there yet.

This is an incredible timing to get into this model.

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