Back by popular demand, here is an extended and 100% guide to everything that you need to know regarding professional and amateur scouting in NHL 22! Although similar to NHL 21, NHL 22 has the added element of uncovering x-factors and superstar abilities! Whether you’re brand new to franchise mode or are a seasoned veteran, the tips in this video will help to guarantee that you are always scouting to the best of your team’s ability! Trust me, being able to draft players deep in a draft that have good potential and trade value will make a HUGE difference! Feel free to leave a comment here or in the Discord (link below) if you have any additional questions!

NHL 21 Tutorial: https://youtu.be/1APCgDzvceU
NHL 20 Tutorial: https://youtu.be/hzi1RvzCXyQ

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0:00 Intro
1:15 Settings when beginning your Franchise Mode
7:45 Firing/reassigning generated scouts
13:07 Hiring new scouts (1/2)
14:10 Breakdown of how many scouts to have in each region
15:37 Hiring new scouts (2/2)
21:48 Verify that all scouts are in their proper region
23:40 HOW TO SCOUT PROSPECTS (Round 1 of Scouting)
39:48 Round 2 of Scouting (February Refinement)
42:32 Uncovering X-Factors & Superstar Abilities
43:24 Round 3 of Scouting (May Refinement)
47:04 Draft Interviews
48:40 Drafting
55:00 Example of how auto-scouting is insufficient
56:51 Signing your prospects
59:09 Signing new scouts on July 1st
1:01:03 Outro



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